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I am Keith,  your personal business coach helping you and your family to embrace ADHD and using your unique qualities to be successful in business.

Over the last 25 years my expertise has been in business consulting and executive coaching

I was diagnosed with Adult ADHD nearly three years ago having had it all my life without knowing and I had already turned fifty.  During that time, before my diagnosis, I had built a number of successful businesses and a few that were not so successful but I hadn’t really understood why.

It was only after the diagnosis things started to make sense.  How was it that I was always so good at building business relationships and selling our consulting services only to find people eventually got frustrated with me.  They loved and hated me in equal measure?

How was it that I could build a business from scratch to a valuation of $18million (that is now owned by IBM) but still end up in debt?  How was it that all my life I had always held up the highest values of integrity but ended up in court facing a two year prison sentence?

I remember leaving the Maudsley Hospital in London after my evaluation and diagnosis with a sense of relief, realisation and renewed determination to embrace the new understanding of me and turn it into a positive force.

I got hyper-focused and into hyper-drive to understand how to take the skills I had and the things that us ADHDers know that we do and to turn it into commercial advantage.  Through this site I hope to help others with Adult ADHD and ADD to develop skills that will fundamentally change their lives for the better without having to fundamentally change the great people they are.

I have combined my lifetime of experience in business as a coach and consultant, with my new found knowledge of Adult ADHD to create opportunities to learn new skills, get motivated, be happy, build wealth and help others.

Over the years I have helped big businesses to transform themselves to be ‘fit’ for the future. I have helped small and medium-sized consulting businesses to grow to another level and now my focus is on individuals getting in touch with their ‘entrepreneurial side’.

I love spending my day helping people, especially those with Adult ADHD and their families, to have a life in which they are able to take their creative, impulsive, 24/7 brains and to focus them on building wealth and happiness designed for them.  I am creating a community of like-minded people who can support each other with ideas and practical help.

Again, I am Keith.  Lovely to meet you.  Feel free to contact me if you ever need anything. I would love to hear from you and hear your story.  Drop me a comment below or can always reach me at keith@adultadhdinbusiness.com



2 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hey there! I like your website and your content as well. The content is inspirational and informative, and the website looks nice aesthetically as well, but if I were wanting to let you know something it would be that i think you should add comment sections to more pages. Great explanation of ADHD and how to control it!

    1. Thanks Andrew, Appreciated the feedback and will add a comments section. I am glad you liked the site and content. Thank you again. Positively Keith

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