Book Reviews

Staying Focused in a Hyper World – Dr John Gray

This is the book that inspired me to explore alternative approaches to the medication I had been prescribed by doctors and opened up a world of learning around nutrition.

So what is it about?

Staying Focused in a Hyper World is a book that takes a look at the condition of ADHD and challenges many of the assumptions we have about it and destroys the idea that the medical approaches to treat the symptoms (take drugs) are the only viable treatment.  In fact, John Gray goes much further by suggesting the current protocols are doing harm and actually making things worse not better.  He offers his own supplement based and nutritional solutions to the problem.

John Gray’s credibility in this arena comes from his own story in which he reversed and fixed his own Parkinson’s Disease through natural means after a diagnosis.  He makes many parallels between ADHD and Parkinsons.

So what did I think?

Dr John Gray has his own unique way of articulating the issues both in the book and the accompanying videos.  He obviously has his own business and supplements he likes to push but don’t be put off by this.  Hear what he is saying – a lot of it seems to make sense – and then do your own research.  There is plenty to find out.

I found the book helpful as he tells you what chapters are important too read initially so you don’t have to plough through the whole book.  It highlights key messages whilst no doubt a marketing piece it helps those of us with ADHD to focus.

I found most of the references supplied helpful but some demonstrated more about what we don’t know rather than what we do.  Many of the studies are small and a lot of research in this field is in its early days still.  Again I found it helpful to prompt me to do further research around a how range of nutritional aspects.

Who is the book for?

I think anyone with ADHD or with people in their family this book will really help with ideas about alternative ways to approach the condition.  It is especially for those who are not happy with being medicated or medicating their kids with stimulant drugs.  Above all it provides some practical help, is positive and provides hope.

Definitely recommended!