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Tired of not fulfilling your potential when it comes to your job or finances?

If your answer is YES then you are going to want to really understand the whole of this section and I would invite you to read on.  I am going to do my very best to help you understand how to get started in business that really plays to your strengths.

If you are like many people with Adult ADHD you have tried many times to be successful in your work but something has always got in the way.  People like you and I, may have even tried to have a go online or start something independently but generally end up being confused, starting something that doesn’t get finished and get caught like ‘a rabbit in the headlights’.

That is where I come in to help you.

I want to help you get organised, that gets and keeps you going in business

My own impulsive nature means that over the years I have been burnt and scammed so many times that now I am often the opposite and super cautious when it comes to anything financial or offers of job opportunities that seem too good to be true.  I have been taken for a ride once too often.

Having Adult ADHD myself, I can appreciate your need to make good decisions about your next opportunity in business and my first piece of advice is not to part with your money, not a single penny, until you are sure about the business and people you are involved with.  This is true for most people but those of us with ADHD are more inclined to be impulsive (or even reckless!) with our money… right?

What is or has been preventing your real success so far?

What is it that is holding you back?  Have you had so many set backs or ‘false dawns’ that you have lost confidence?  Have enough people told you that you are unreliable or don’t care that you have started to believe it.  Have you had trouble seeing things through, you quickly ‘run out of steam’ or just get bored so you wonder if you’ll ever focus on anything to be able to make it a success?  Do you just hesitate and not take the step that is needed to make the change and now you wonder if you have the courage?

Your real future success I believe will come down to five important factors.

With over thirty years of experience in coaching people to fall back on (experience means making all the mistakes!) and combined with my personal experience with ADHD I have realised people create their success and happiness in many different ways.  However, I have noticed that with those who have success and are happy there are four common factors that consistently feature.  They are relevant to everyone but which are especially pertinent to those with ADHD.

1. They don’t do it alone

We all need help, support, encouragement and people around us to complement our skills.  Successful people find and use their networks, communities and people they trust to be there with them on their journey.

If this sounds at all daunting then please don’t worry I’ll be here to help you and show you how to connect with people who are more than willing to support you, encourage you and answer your questions when you are stuck.

2. They have independence

People can paint pictures of their lives that on the surface can look successful and sometimes happy but I have find somewhere (often not very far beneath the surface) discontent, a lack of purpose and actual unhappiness.  This often stems from a lack of control of their lives.  Most people don’t want for much but mostly they want happiness.  When it comes to money people will often talk about financial independence not just being wealthy.  They will talk of making their own independent decisions rather being told what they have to do, or what they will get paid.

3. They are connected online

It wasn’t that long ago when I was growing up that in my parents house that we didn’t have a telephone at all.  This wasn’t unusual (I’m not ancient, 50 is the new 40 after all!) and we used the payphone at the end of the street.  Today, for successful people its unthinkable that they are not completely connected usually through there online presence and website.  It is from here they can connect with the over 3.5 billion people on the planet that are also online to build their business and wealth; follow their passions, acquire knowledge and use their creativity to help others lead fulfilling lives.

It is easy (and free) these days to build your own presence if you just know how so that you can follow your passion, connect with people, build their business and financial independence.

4. They follow their passion (and don’t get bored)

I have noticed that those people who are most happy and successful rarely choose to spend their time doing something that bores them or they don’t really care much for.  They also realise they have choices.  I understand people can feel trapped and can’t see a way through or passed their current situation.  I know from personal experience what an extra burden this is when you are dealing with ADHD and are bored more quickly and easily then most and find it difficult to stay focused. I have found it is really, really important that I had to spend my time doing something that I was so passionate about that I wouldn’t get bored.

I will help you re-discover your passion and turn it into an opportunity to be productive and get you excelling in business.

5. They practice, try, ask and learn

This might sound like four things all rolled into one but to successful people this is a process they don’t even think about too much.  To me the ‘ask’ part is where I see people struggle the most.  Who do I ask? Will I sound stupid? How do I phrase the question? I might not understand the answer? How will it help me when I know? I have asked too many times, I can’t ask again. How much will this advice cost me?

The practice part is important to and whilst the sporting world really understand this. Any sporting analogy you like will show they practice all week so that when match day comes around have don’t have to think.  I have observed people in business, even with all these great sporting analogies and metaphors around, ignore this and are in ‘match’ mode all the time.  I will show you how to practice so in time your business becomes second nature.  There is no short cut to this but with the right coaching and support life can be easier and fun.

How can you turn Adult ADHD characteristics to your advantage in business?

When I was diagnosed I was barraged with information which told me about my so called problem and it seemed that barriers were being put up around me.  When I consider the five factors above those of us with ADHD are told that we can’t focus, we can’t hold down relationships, we can’t retain information and learn, we’re unreliable, we get bored too easily.

On the other hand I know that I have other very aspects of me that can be very positive in business, I am creative, popular, fun to be around, exciting, alert, curious.

How can you use these to your advantage taking the five factors into account?

Getting started in business (leveraging my ADHD) with no invesment

If you have realised it already:

  1. It is my passion helping people grow businesses that they are passionate about
  2. I know that for you to succeed you need help, training, a website and a community
  3. I believe people with ADHD are actually set up for success with the right support

Here is what you will get from signing up here at ADHD In Business

Help and Support

  • Access to personal one-to-one coaching and support from me
  • Help within a community of thousands of like-minded people supporting each other
  • ‘Live Chat’ support 24/7
  • Topical and helpful discussion

Complete Training Suite

  • Step by step videos
  • Tutorials and classrooms
  • Access to experts of online business and marketing

Free websites

  • Two fully functional WordPress websites with SEO plug ins
  • Full 24/7 website support

If your impulse is telling you to sign up now (I know what us ADHDers are like!) but your partner or something else is saying wait its too good to be true, I understand. That is why this approach is great for you because you can come and try and see without spending a cent.  All of the above is available just by signing up. No credit cards, no money, no time limit.  There are choices to make if you wish as you get going like the ‘Premium’ option that gives you more.  However, there is enough to get you going in business until you are in a position or comfortable to learn more.

I am here for you and you can contact me below with any questions which I will respond to personally.  Continue to use the rest of the resources here at www.adhdInbusiness

You can post below to ask a question or make a comment.  Be good to hear from you.



10 thoughts on “Get Started In Business”

  1. Awesome! Thanks you for providing that information. I understand alot of people with ADHD make impulsive decisions. And I feel like you eased that burden. Definitely worth looking into. Good luck with what you’re doing!

    – Matthew

    1. Thanks Matthew for your comments and glad you found it useful. You are right that being impulsive is a classic Adult ADHD traits and as with all traits its neither good nor bad. It always depends on the situation. Problems arise can arise when we are impulsive at the wrong time or not impulsive enough when it would help. I hope to build a community helping people lead positive lives without the labels. Are there topics you think may be useful to discuss or research here? Let me know and thanks again. Positively, Keith

  2. Thank you for the information, I feel as though there is not enough emphisis on adult ADHD, and many adults may not want to believe they have it or are afraid to share that information. I am going to check back with you often, especially when I can spend more time looking through your site.

    1. Art, Thank you for your comments. The belief is that many people are undiagnosed and through the site I hope to provide people with some good information, research and strategies for living a positive life. I found having a diagnosis was liberating for me personally and has enabled me to be very positive about the opportunities and more forgiving of myself. I will continue to post and hopefully you’ll find it useful. Are there any particular topics relating to ADHD that might interest you? Let me know and thanks again. Positively, Keith

  3. What an excellent niche business idea! I am certain my son has ADHD, and have many of the characteristics myself, but as an adult I’ve learned to manage. The creation of an online business is perfect for people who don’t conform to the norm.
    I think I’ll give it a try!

    1. Thank you Kathryn, Yes I’ll be developing some themes for those with ADHD based on my experiences and research so hopefully it will help. I am also attempting to educate the wider population and also get ADHDers (either diagnosed or suspected) to embrace the condition and use all the positive aspects. It maybe a diagnosis will help you and there are some ways before you hit the doctors to do a quick self diagnosis check online to see if you are in the ball park. What topics would help you here? Let me know? Positively Keith

  4. Hello and thanks for sharing, this i a lot of great information and I know that your readers will love the layout of your site and how you have broken everything down. Your site is a great read and will truly help your readers to make the right decision and that is starting their online business.

    1. Norman, Than you for your kind words and taking the time to give comment. Do you think an online business is a good place for those with Adult ADHD to develop their career and wealth? Let me know, I’d really value your thoughts? Positively, Keith

  5. Thanks for all the info Keith! I admit i was scepticle when i came into the site as i am anywhere but after i started reading i could see you are offering us all a ton of helpful info and giving back some lost confidence. Thanks again.

    1. Thanks Jamie for your comments. I am glad you found the information useful and I liked your insight on giving back some lost confidence. Thank you. I intend to build a community here over time that can be more confident especially in the business environment and confident about starting their own businesses as well. Thank you again. Positively, Keith

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