What is Adult ADHD?

What is Adult ADHD?

Adult Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a chronic, neuro-biological condition that manifests itself with inattentiveness, difficulty getting work done, procrastination and organisational problems.  Specifically adults with ADHD have persistent difficulties with following directions, remembering information, concentrating, organising tasks, completing work within a specified time frame, being on time for appointments, impulsive decision making, excruciating procrastination and restlessness.

It has been shown that much  lower than normal dopamine levels in an ADHDers brain particularly impact that part of the brain most required for executive functions like planning, paying attention, impulse control, decision making and prioritisation.

Adults with the condition have significantly more problems than the average person with relationships, financial difficulties, legal problems including traffic violations, marital issues and substance and alcohol abuse.

Here is an irreverent explanation of ADHD!

People who haven’t come across ADHD before are often ask me what it is … exactly.  They’ve heard of it sometimes with kids or the symptoms have been described and they think well isn’t everyone like that… a little bit.

Here is a fun take on describing ADHD.  You will particularly find it amusing if you do ALL the things described and then some – because you have almost certainly got it!

Let me know what you think.  Does it ring true either for yourself or someone close to you? Let me know about your experience.  What is the most amusing characteristic you have.

Here is a less than formal, UNOFFICIAL assessment for ADHD!

Assessing adult for ADHD was previously thought to be notoriously tough.  Now the tests have been standardised and rely on questionnaires and consultations with specialists. Here is the unofficial assessment.  If you laugh or smile at everything you at least should get a formal diagnosis.  Unless of course you are thinking about someone you know then you should drag them to one!

Let me know what you think by posting a comment below. Would love to hear from you.  What was your score?!

8 thoughts on “What is Adult ADHD?”

  1. The first time I heard about ADHD was a few years back, while attending a totally unrelated talk.Since then I’ve been suspecting if I have ADHD or it’s just that I’m troubled with anxiety. I’m sure having difficulty in focusing ever since I was young. I’m curious if there’s any link between ADHD and anxiety?

    1. Hi Kenny, Thanks for your comments and sharing your own experience.  Yes there are links between ADHD and anxiety but there are many reasons underlying anxiety unrelated to ADHD.  It may be worth doing a bit more research on ADHD and see if you have a number of the symptoms.  Unlike the video that was a bit of fun there are some tests (questionnaires) that you can get on line that might indicate ADHD and suggest perhaps a more formal assessment might be appropriate.  How long have you been dealing with anxiety?  Let me know how you get on. Thanks again Positively Keith

  2. Hi Keith

    This was a cool read and thanks for sharing these videos.

    For some time I have been suspecting that my boss has ADHD, and reading has raised my suspicion even higher haha.

    My boss is often distracted when I speak with him and if we are having a meeting. Sometimes he will even make a phone call while I or a colleague is explaining something to him lol.
    Everything he ever asks me to do is always incredibly important that it gets done right away, but a few days later he has forgotten everything about it.

    1. Thanks Marcus

      Thank you for your comments and glad you enjoyed the videos.  it sounds like your boss could do with a diagnosis but in the meantime cut him some slack! Before my diagnosis I am sure I was driving all the people around me nuts without realising it.  At least when I drive them nuts now I know why!  Perhaps you could share the videos with him and see how he reacts!  There may be a dawning realisation. Thanks again Keith

  3. Great Post!
    I swear my partner has ADHD!
    He is always forgetting things, he moves a lot (like seriously it is hard to watch a movie with him), he jumps from task to task, he is very unorganized!
    As an adult I think diagnosis gets missed they tend to more blame things on lifestyle choices and stress. With my partner he was not diagnosed as a child but his mother always said he was hypo and was naughty a lot because he was bored.
    I think you raised some great points here in a topic that would not get discussed much!
    Thanks for your information! Great Read
    Regards Hailey

    1. Thank you Hailey for your kind words and I am glad you enjoyed the post.  Although it sounds like your partner has many of the symptoms and if any of it is really impacting your lives may be worth a diagnosis. I also recently read this book Staying Focused In A Hyper World by Dr John Gray which I reviewed here:  which you (or your partner) might find helpful.

      If you have any other questions let me know. You take care and thank you again, Positively Keith

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